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Faces of Africa

Since I was not able to make my Africa trip this year. 12-12-2014

Since I was not able to make my Africa trip this year.(Several contributing factors.) I have made contact with a missionary who is returning to Kenya in January. I will be sending a tote with 100 dresses and a tote full of boy clothes with him. Thank you to everyone who has made contribution to my effort and I assure you that when I have healed sufficiently, I will be making every effort to make my return trip. I know we will have time to replenish what is sent and in the meantime we will be blessing some little ones who would otherwise do without. God is continuing to bless my effort to get over there as he
blesses others.

Hope 4 Woman International Link

Hope 4 Women International

Africa Christian Youth Outreach Ministries

We have teamed up with these wonderful ministries, "African Christan Youth Outreach Ministries" and "Hope 4 Women International" click the pictures above to go to their pages

Africa Christian Youth Outreach Ministry - ACYOM

Africa Christian Youth Outreach Ministry - ACYOM

This is the outreach we are hoping to help when we go to Africa. My adopted grandson Eresh Tchakubuta is a director of this wonderful mission to the children of Kigoma. I just want to put a face to what I am attempting to accomplish with your help.

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Dresses for Africa

In 2008 I made a trip to Tanzania with my friends Pastor Msoshi Milende and his wife Tunzachako (Rebecca). We visited Refugees, from the genocide taking place in Congo, who are in camps along the Western Tanzania border. We also visited a Pastor and his church in the Capital of Tanzinia, Dar es Salaam. While at this church, I made a promise to do what I could to help. That began a four year attempt to raise funds to help make a difference.

In 2012 I became involved with a group called Dress a Girl around the World which is a sub group to the organization called Hope 4 Women. The premise of the group is that we can make a difference in a little girls life, one dress at a time. The original group began sewing little dresses from pillowslips and sending them with missionaries to different points of need. You can read about them more by clicking on the icon on this website. One more need I have become involved in is the African Christian Youth Outreach Ministry. This ministry focuses on helping young people in the city of Kigoma, Tanzania. This city is on the Tanzania side of Lake Tanganyika and has many refugees from Congo living there. It is the hope of Pastor Eresh Tchakubuta to make a difference for Christ in the lives of these young people. Many who have nowhere to go.

I am returning to Tanzania in 2014, in fulfillment of my promise to help my friends there. I have plans to carry with me 1000 dresses made by the organization I am sewing with for distribution to the little girls I will meet while I am there. I also have hopes of taking as many little boy outfits with me as the little boys have as great a need as the little girls.

The project featured on this web page is a culmination of my fund raising. On the next page, you will find photos of the dresses I will be taking with me. Each dress is available for sponsorship. When you sponsor a dress you have the opportunity to send a photo of you and or your family along with a letter to the little girl telling her you will pray for her or anything else you desire to tell her. When she receives her dress, we will have someone to take a photo of her to place on our website. You will then be able to copy this picture to keep as a memento and a reminder to pray for her.

Dresses are available for sponsorship for $15.00 for one dress or $25.00 for two. Just imagine how much we will be able to help each of the above mentioned projects. Together we CAN make a difference.